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At the bar

To make a perfect espresso is a philosophy of life for Quarta Caffè.

At home like the bar, making coffee is a ritual made of many ingredients: 100% Arabica blends of the highest quality, the pressurized machine, the exact dosage of ground coffee, grinding the product there and then and finally 25 seconds for a perfect brewing process straight into your cup.

The Quarta factory makes good use of the best trainers highly skilled for all the training courses dedicated to barmen and professionals within the sector, hence promoting coffee culture and training new operators. Barmen can learn more about the product and the coffee sector, upgrading techniques to offer to our clients the best sensorial experience in the cup.

  • Barocco

    Intense and refined aroma for a unique tasting experience.

    Quarta Caffè pays homage to Salento and to its maximum artistic expression, dedicating to it a new blend of precious varieties of the Arabica species. A soft and well-rounded taste conquers the palate thanks to the presence of precious origins coming from Central America and Brazil. Suitable for who loves a type of coffee with a complex structure and delicate aftertaste.

    Available in the 1000g. whole grain coffee package.

  • Grancaffè

    Grancaffe’, for its complex aroma and soft taste, will seduce the most demanding of coffee lovers.

    A precious selection which encompasses a blend born from the fusion of Arabica varieties with a rich and delicate aroma. Grancaffe’ is the perfect synthesis of the most precious coffee bean origins, processed following accurate roasting and packaging methods.

    Available in the 1000g. whole grain coffee package.

  • Avio

    Full-bodied and rounded aroma, ideal for demanding and refined consumers.

    The Avio blend is the historical symbol of Quarta Caffè. Its secret is enclosed within the blend of precious Arabica varieties. A careful selection of green coffee beans, roasted singularly and blended wisely, delivers its unmistakable floral aroma and exclusive flavor.

    Available in the 1000 and 3000g. whole grain coffee package.

  • Superiore

    Full-bodied aroma, persistent flavor with the scent of dark chocolate.

    A point of reference made up of a higher percentage of Arabica which allows you to perceive a good freshness associated with an intense aromatic profile: the selected origins variety of Robusta give the drink an unmatched body and creaminess.

    Available in the 1000 and 3000g. whole grain coffee package.

  • Decaffeinato Sereno

    Decaffeinato Sereno

    The Decaf Sereno has a refined aroma and delicate taste, unmistakably Quarta coffee even if decaffeinated.

    Packaged in single packets studied for professional bar machines for a true connoisseur result.

    The package contains 80 single packets.

    Decaffeinato Sereno


Quarta Caffè has studied and produced blends specifically made for bar professionals, made from 100% Arabica coffee and selected from its origin. Barocco, Avio, Grancaffe’, Superiore and Decaffeinato Sereno packaged in whole grains and kept at a temperature to ensure the coffee’s aroma always stays fresh, accompanying Quarta coffee lovers throughout the day.

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Our company has always been beside our bar clients, guaranteeing the delivery of a qualitatively excellent product with an intense and unique flavor.

If you have a business in Italy or abroad and you wish to receive direct B2B assistance with one of our commercial consultants, contact us immediately: we will provide you with all the necessary information that you need.

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Intervista comunicaffè

Intervista Comunicaffè con Antonio Quarta

MILANO - La torrefazione Quarta caffè è restata aperta durante l’estate con la sospensione delle ferie, ad agosto, concordata con i collaboratori del settore della distribuzione. Cosa abbastanza straordinaria tra gli operatori della torrefazione del caffè.

Scopriamo assieme il motivo di questa apertura estiva, con il patron Antonio Quarta. Leggi di più »