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At home

"Thanks to the moka coffee machine which releases that flavor of intimacy, Quarta Caffè can enter the homes of consumers who can taste the different blends in every moment of the day."

  • Barocco

    Soft and round taste like a true espresso.

    Quarta Caffè pays homage to the land of Salento and to its maximum artistic expression dedicating to it a new blend; a triumph of aromas and flavor which conquers the palate with a selection of precious Arabica origin coffee varieties.

    Perfect for whoever loves coffee with a complex structure and a delicate and gentle aftertaste.

    Available in the 250g. ground coffee package.

  • Avio

    Full-bodied and well-rounded aroma, ideal for refined and demanding consumers.

    The Avio blend is the historical symbol of Quarta Caffè.

    Its secret is contained within the perfect balance between the most precious Arabica varieties. A careful selection of green coffee beans, singularly roasted and blended knowingly, that delivers its unmistakable aroma and intense exclusive flavor.

    Available in the 250g. ground coffee package and the 500g. whole bean package.

  • Stuoia

    Decisive flavor for a blend created for demanding palates.

    This blend is ideal for the first morning coffee, this is when you are looking for a strong flavor that awakens. The perfect balance between the different varieties of coffee and the particular care in roasting enhances its structure,the body and aroma.

    Available in the 250g. ground coffee package or the 500g. whole coffee bean package.

  • La Rossa

    Strong and decisive taste perfect for every moment of the day.

    The Rossa quality is a classic of the Salento tradition. Its see-through package was created in the 1960s by Quarta Caffe’ for the customers of the old workshops who loved to see the color of this coffee blend.

    Hence, La Rossa with transparency unveils its spirit to all connoisseurs. A very successful blend which represents the perfect balance between high quality Arabica and Robusta origins.

    Available in 250g. and 500g. ground and coffee bean packages.

  • Crema Espresso

    Strong character and floral aromas, rich and full-bodied spirit, deliver a strong emotion from the first sip.

    The Crema Espresso blend satisfies the desire of espresso lovers to have creaminess and flavor at home just like at the bar. This blend is realized using precious coffee origins, and ground in a special way for espresso machines at home. A unique flavor, an ideal coffee for any moment of the day.

    The fine grinding allows the coffee to come out creamier using the classic moka as well as the semi-professional espresso machines at home or at the office.

    Available in the 250g. ground coffee package

    Crema Espresso
  • Gusto Tipico

    Well-balanced blend with an intense flavor, ideal for moka coffee making.

    A particular roasting grade confers a persistent flavor but delicate at the same time. The vacuum-pack ensures better storage of the product.

    Available in the 250g. 6 ground coffee package.

    Gusto Tipico
  • The Decaffeinato Sereno

    Coffee with a light heart. The Decaf Sereno has a refined taste and strong aroma, unmistakably Quarta coffee even if decaffeinated.

    With Sereno everyone will enjoy the pleasure of having a good coffee, delightfully rich in the same substances we find in the coffee, except caffeine obviously, removed through a completely natural process.

    Sereno Decaf is made using a careful selection of the best quality green coffee beans.

    Available in the 250g. ground coffee package.

    Decaffeinato Sereno
  • Intense Aroma Coffee Pods

    Espresso is an irresistible pleasure for many Italians. The Intense Aroma Quarta coffee Pods are made for all those who love to have it at home.

    The Intense Aroma Quarta Caffe’ has been specifically designed for coffee pods and has an intense and creamy taste. Thanks to single-packs, making it is easy and fast: every pod encloses the right amount of ground coffee to obtain an excellent coffee.

    Enclosed in a paper filter wrap that keeps the aroma intact, the pods are compatible with the E.S.E. pod coffee machines.

    The package contains 18 pods.

    Cialde Aroma Intenso
  • Dosacaffè

    Created in the 1980s, the dispenser is already an essential object in the homes of moka lovers.

    To make a state-of-the-art coffee is easy and entertaining. Just position the dispenser on the moka filter, make three rotations of the practical handle, and there it is, the perfect dosage of coffee is served.

    The dispenser is adaptable to every moka machine format and is easily stored in the cupboard. The tin contains the Avio blend which can be reloaded with any favorite coffee quality, needless to say Quarta Caffè.



Quarta Caffè has created a variety of precious blends with which you can make a moka coffee that satisfies the palates and needs of everyone. Strong, robust, full or full-bodied, in coffee pods or decaffeinated, espresso at home is a moment of unbeatable pleasure that no one can resist. The Quarta Caffè blends maintain a fresh intense aroma thanks to the soft packaging and the freshness-saving valve. So our coffee keeps its authentic Quarta flavor intact and continuing to release all of its organoleptic properties.

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Intervista comunicaffè

Intervista Comunicaffè con Antonio Quarta

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