The icy coffee

Caffè in ghiaccio Icy Quarta Caffè, or rather the icy coffee since three generations.
The Salento summers of the fifties were hot, the cold coffee, prepared in advance and kept in the fridge, used to loose its initial aroma.
So it comes out the simple idea but unique at the same time. Preparing an espresso, putting sugar in it according to the regular customer's taste and pouring it still hot In a glass with some pieces of ice...(very cold avoiding to water the drink) here's a good alternative to the summer heat. Icy Quarta Caffé...quenches your thirst.

Icy Coffee recipe

  • Hot Quarta Caffè espresso
  • Put as much sugar as you like
  • Pour the coffee still hot in a glass with filled pieces of ice
  • The coffee gets cold and doesn't water Quarta Caffé tradition wants
  • For the greedy ones replace sugar with milk of almond

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